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THAMA by Dimitris Katrivesis - ©2020-22


This years menu is our presentation of how elegant Tinian ingredients blend together with modern cooking in an infinite canvas between tradition and innovation.
Taste, flavours and freshness are key elements in our food. Food and drink menus are available all day.
Food is designed to be shared with the entire party and it is served when it’s ready from the kitchen. Most of the dishes are made for two persons to share. The sizes of the dishes wary slightly.
We recommend to start with a couple of starters and then continue with two to three dishes per person. Finish your dining experience with our delicious desserts or a digestive wine.
If you just want to sit back, relax and let our chefs bring their favourites from the kitchen.

Food Menu

Something to break the ice

Bread per person
Cod roe spread with lemon, bottarga, yuzu & pickled mini cucumber
White soft Tinian cheese with grapes & fig leaf oil
Kariki, our version of the Tinian Stilton


Ceviche Don’t Ask Just Order It Our Chef’s Signature Dish
Fish Tiradito with cataif, orange, fennel, olive seeds & black garlic
Beef Carpaccio with pear mustard, crispy pepperonchino & karashi miso


Tomato with orange, red onion and fennel pesto
Lettuce with cucumber, fig leaf garum vinaigrette & a lot of fresh herbs

Hot Starters to share

Savoro sardins with green peppers, smoked eggplant & lime
Josper grilled artichokes with fig vinegar
Froutalia THAMA
Calamari* croquettes with black garlic
Josper grilled octopus with mojo verde and aged Tinian vinegar


Seafood angel hair pasta with mojo verde (for two)
Orzo with pulled Tinian goat meat, yellow pepper cream, fresh herbs, truffle, carpaccio & crispy wine leave
Aged Tinian Stake


Double cooked french fries
Sea water cooked baby potatoes
Josper grilled summer veggies
Seasonal greens

Dessert Menu

THAMA Signature Dessert

Burned Vanilla Millefeuille

Niari Baked Cheesecake

Josper Grilled Pineapple


7 Courses


THAMA sharing style Tasting menu is the best way to go.
We serve Thama tasting menu for the entire party and to those dining alone.
The tasting menu is the best way of understanding our philosophy and way of serving our food.
Just sit back, relax and let our chefs bring the favourites from the kitchen.