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THAMA by Dimitris Katrivesis - ©2020-22


THAMA is a blank canvas, where the diversity of Tinos ingredients & my travels, blends creating a menu between tradition and innovation, that comes together in a unique way.
ΤΗΑΜΑ is a restaurant where you can relax, unwind and savour moments of happiness.
Enjoy and experience a menu full of unique flavours and prepare for a culinary journey, that showcases a modern take on culinary traditions, with no borders. All items are prepared daily, using the freshest local ingredients, which are ethically sourced from the best artisan producers around the island of Tinos.
We offer an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy, whether it’s afternoon drinks with snacks, a family gathering, special celebration or a catch up with friends. A perfect mix of relaxed yet professional service, stylish food and cocktails in a glamorous location. ΤΗΑΜΑ can host and cater to any occasion.
We warmly welcome you to join us and be part of the ΤΗΑΜΑ family.

Thama / Θάμα /



An extraordinary and welcome event
based on a specific conception,
( social , religious, philosophical, etc )
that is not explicable by natural
or scientific laws
and therefore attributed
to a divine agency.
A remarkable event or development,
that brings very welcome consequences,
also can be considered a Miracle

Tradition + Innovation = Tradinnovation

Tradition + Innovation = Tradinnovation


THAMA restaurant is an open-air beachfront restaurant inspired by the distinct flavors and bustling energy of the local fish market.
Our menu features fresh, daily catches delivered straight from the local fishermen of surrounding coastal pueblos. Our menu is micro-seasonal and is a current representation of the flora and fauna around us. We have curated a menu in tune with our roots and traditions, with bold and explosive flavors. Open-fire cooking dominates our menu which is composed of different plates intended to be shared, a way of eating that is inherent in Greek culture.
Our main feeling is to keep the purity and authenticity of the Greek cuisine and present an original menu with a modern point of view. THAMA loves the Mediterranean diet not only as a cuisine but also as a way of life.
It’s the food it’s the rituals it’s the fresh air the sun the beach and the right exercise.
THAMA pays a homage to local flavors and traditions.