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THAMA by Dimitris Katrivesis - ©2020-22

The Team

Dimitris Katrivesis

He studied culinary arts in 1996 in Athens. The desire to explore other flavours and ingredients of the world with fin to make a global style of cooking with no borders, made him travel first to Canary Islands in 2003.
In 2005, he joined the team of Ferran Adria, in the 3 Michelin Star El Bulli, by then the best restaurant of the world. In 2006, he traveled to Paris and studied in Le Notre Cooking School where he formed into the basics of pastry. Then he went back to the island of Tenerife to open his first restaurant Alkimia. In 2007, Siphon was open. In 2010, he joined the team of Albert Raurich in the 1 Michelin Star, Dos Palillos in Barcelona. In 2012, Dimitris in search of new ingredients and knowledge and continuing his forming went to Tokyo Japan in the 3 Michelin Star Ryugin Restaurant by then number 21 in the world. In 2013 Dimitris moves to London to complete the research of Nikkei Cuisine around the globe.In 2014 the chef presents the Nikkei Cuisine in Athens. From 2015 till know the chef is developing culinary ideas around the world with projects made in Tulum ,Paris, Monte Carlo. Dimitris currently is the Owner Chef of two Peruvian pop-up restaurants, La Pantera Negra and Mistura.
But for the Sun, motorbikes and martial arts loving Chef and family man, with 25 years in the restaurant industry, he felt the need for a change.
That’s how THAMA was born. THAMA offers the perfect opportunity to create something new to the Greek Restaurant scene.
“The reason I cook is to make people happier. I welcome you to discover my world”

Mariada Pieridi

My partner in crime, my wife and mother of our son Nikolas.
She is my “right – hand man”. My support in everything I do. She is full of wisdom guiding the way of our family.
Mariada has an active part in this project.
Broadcasting our philosophy and love about food and sustainability..
She is also responsible for the balance and well being of our team.

“Good decisions come, from a calm mind “

Kostas Kosmidis

Kostas is an Athens based photographer who has been snapping photos since 2011.
His photo subjects are diverse and global in scope. He is passionate about capturing the beauty of the imperfect, through simple composition and vibrant colors.
Known for his iconic artistic photographs of naked bodies, Kostas is collaborating with our team more than 3 years, creating delicious, fresh, vibrant images of our food and portraits with a contemporary edge.
With a keen eye for detail he makes us and our food look brilliant.
“Be creative, be unique, be inspired”